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What is the Hague Convention and the Apostille Section?

Answer: On October 5, 1961, a number of nations joined together to create a simplified process of legalizing documents for universal recognition. These nations agreed on the Apostille Section of the Hague Convention and approved a document, which is referred to as an “Apostille”.  An Apostille is internationally recognized by all of the member nations as a legalized document. Visit the Hague Conference on Private International Law website to learn more: www.hcch.net.

What kind of documents can be Apostilled by the U.S. Department of State?

Answer: We specialize in FBI Background Checks, but federally issued documents that include a legible signature of the official’s name, title, and seal of the agency can be Apostilled by the U.S. Department of State including: FBI Background Checks, U.S. Federal Court Documents, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Documents, IRS Documents, INS Documents, Certificates of Free Sale, Naturalization Certificates, military birth certificates, Social Security Administration documents, and documents from the Department of Health. These documents must be signed by one of the following:

Please note that state-issued documents will not be issued an Apostille by the U.S. Department of State.

What are the turnaround-times for your Apostille services?

Answer: The completed documents will be returned to you 3 to 5 business days after we have received your documentation (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays). The first business day is considered to be the day after we have received your documents.

What type of payments does your company accept?

Answer: We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), Check, or Money order.  Please make any check or money order payable to “Apostille Courier Express”.

My daughter/son is currently studying abroad and I need to send their FBI background check to get apostilled. Can I sign at the bottom of the order form for them?

Answer: No, you can inform your daughter/son to visit our website at apostillecourierexpress.com and download the order form. They should complete it, and either scan or email it to you. From there you can print off the completed form and send it to us with the background check.

Do you apostille birth certificates, school diplomas, marriage certificates, etc.?

Answer: No, the U.S. State Department only apostilles and authenticates federal documents. Any of the above-mentioned documents will need to be apostilled at your specific state department. For example, if the document originated in California, you would need to go to the State Department of California for an apostille. Please visit this link for more information about state-issued apostilles http://www.nass.org.about-nass/alt-roster-2016/

What items do I need to mail to you?

Answer: The only items needed are your completed Apostille Courier Express order form and documents(s).

My husband and I both want to send in our FBI background checks to get apostilled. Can we send all documents in the same envelope?

Answer: Yes, you may send all documents in the same envelope; however, each of you will need to complete a separate order form for each individual person.

My wife and I want to send in our FBI background checks to get apostilled. Is the cost $189 + $90 or $189 for each of us?

Answer: The cost is $189 for each individual person for the 1st document and $90 for each individual person for each additional document. Each person would pay $189.

If I email ACE the FBI background check, can ACE print some extra copies of my background check for me without apostilling?

Answer: No, we do not print copies for any other reason. The only reason we would print out an FBI background check is to apostille it.

If I email ACE the FBI background check, what sorts of paper will it be printed on?

Answer: It will be printed on white/regular computer paper.

If I want 2 copies apostilled, do I need to pay for printing for the 2nd copy?  

Yes: There is no cost for the first emailed FBI background check to be printed. Each additional emailed FBI background check to be printed is $5. Both documents must be apostilled.

Do I still need to pay the apostille rates for copies that ACE prints?  

Answer: Yes, full apostille rates apply.

Can all FBI background checks emailed to ACE be apostilled?

Answer: NO, only those that contain the FBI seal and signature of the Section Chief.  Other versions of FBI background checks must be sent directly to the State Department.

Can I take a picture of my FBI Background Check (with a phone or camera), and email it to you? Is that acceptable?

Answer: No. We can only accept the PDF sent to you from the FBI or FBI Channeling Company. We cannot accept pictures or copies of the FBI background check.

Can I open my FBI results before I send them to you?

Answer: Yes. We encourage you to open your results to ensure the information is correct before sending your documents to us for processing.

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